I want another baby so I can use Atara too!

Atara’s expertise and ability to soothe my daughter allowed her to progress so rapidly. Atara’s calm nature and confidence contributed so much — and she also has such a sweet and fun side! The staff at the hospital respect her and appreciate her assistance. We were all so impressed with every element of her services. I wish I was having another baby so I could use her as MY doula!!!

— Shoshana Lerner, Baltimore

Doula, prenatal and postpartum yoga instructor, Reiki healer



I empower you and your partner with:

  • Physical support and pain relief via aromatherapy, massage, positioning, acupressure, energy healing, rebozo, spinning babies, and homeopathic remedies.
  • Emotional support and pain relief via cheerleading, visualization, relaxation techniques, labor acceleration, breathing techniques, supporting your partner, and assisting your medical team.
  • Informational support by decoding jargon, notifying you of changes, and keeping you abreast of interventions and labor progression.
  • Advocacy by clarifying procedure choices, keeping the doctors and nurses (who trust me!) informed of your preferences, and adhering as much as possible to your expectations.


I assist you and midwife with:

Technical support/ pre-birth supply checks, mom and baby vitals

Physical support/ mom and baby cleanup, bleeding checks, fundus massage, bathroom assistance

Emotional support/ preempting needs, breastfeeding guidance



I restore you with:

Physical support/ assessment and referrals

Emotional support/ emotional healing, social support

Informational support/ specialist referrals, resources




I help you survive with:

Coaching/ I train you and dad to thrive on your own by modeling life-with-baby — from getting sleep to running errands, packing up to feeding baby mid-chore.

Physical support/ baby care, time to SLEEP, light housework, food preparation

Emotional support/ birth recap, social support, validation, preemptive assessment and care

Informational support/ basic lactation support, specialist referrals




I assess you and baby with:

Physical support/ basic latch support, position guidance, tongue or lip tie assessment

Emotional support/ validation, empowerment, care guidance

Informational support/ specialist referrals




Atara’s emotional support and physical support go hand in hand.

It was so helpful to have Atara with us, especially because everything was overwhelming. Atara helped us from the beginning of pregnancy to the full 25-hours of labor and delivery. She helped us navigate all the newness in the hospital and was so encouraging. She helped me relax and massaged my back. Her emotional support and physical support went hand in hand. She was there every step of the way until our baby was born.

–Chana Black, Baltimore